• The PLDI program is for aspiring leaders living with HIV in Ontario, British-Columbia and Quebec.
  • Please see our FAQ question on HIV Status and Eligibility for more information about our participation parameters.
  • Trainings are space-limited and free of cost.
  • Candidates go through a peer-led selection process. Not all applications are successful. Incomplete forms will not be considered. 
  • Each group of participants selected aims to ensure safety and a diversity of experiences and lived experiences.
  • Selected candidates will be contacted through email or phone for an interview with their PLDI regional manager.


  • If you are new to PLDI, please fill out the Application Form accessible through the APPLY NOW button in the right column of this page to submit your candidacy. 
  • The form will ask you to choose from the upcoming Core trainings available to you.
  • New PLDI candidacies must be endorsed by agency or health professional staff as to their HIV status.


Already taken PLDI? Don’t worry. We are in the process of developing new online content for our existing Alumni-Grads. Please check back with us at a later date for exciting developments.

If you would like to be included in a mailing list for updates, please send us a short email at: (Please include your previous PLDI trainings and the province in which you live in.)

Core Leadership Skills

Core training logoCore Leadership Training seeks to answer the question: “Who am I as a Leader?

This first very important module can now be taken in-person (21-24 hours over 4 intensive days) or online (18-20 hours over 2 to 5 weeks period).

The three main goals of the training are:

  1. To identify personal values and philosophy
  2. To develop leadership skills and practices
  3. To gain community knowledge and awareness

Curriculum objectives for the training are for participants to have the opportunity:

  • To understand the principles of leadership
  • To realize individual leadership potential
  • To participate in building a network of leaders within the PLHIV community
  • To realize the potential and strengths that each individual brings to the network
  • To learn about and practice leadership skills in a safe environment
  • To inspire others to become leaders
  • To develop personal resiliency against stigmatization and the discrimination of HIV

Communication skills

a leader giving a speechThis training requires that applicants have completed the Core Leadership Training module.

The Communications Skills Training offered in-person only (18-20 hours over 2 and a half days, usually during a weekend), explores the following topics through presentations, group work and discussions, topics such as :

  • Principles of leadership
  • Structured Feedback
  • Active Listening
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations & Distracting Behaviours
  • Emotional Activators and anchors
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Presentation Skills/Public Speaking
  • Practicum – Participants are given the opportunity to develop and deliver a short presentation

Governance skills

Governance meeting at a tableGovernance — formally known as Bored? Get on Board! — is another module that requires that applicants have completed the Core Leadership Training.

This professional development training on board governance will soon be offered online (14-16 hours over a 2 week period) and includes topics such as:

  • The voluntary sector in Canada
  • Board accountability and responsibilities
  • Board governance models
  • Effective Meetings
  • Financial management notions
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Understanding committee structures and purpose
  • Understanding potential conflicts of interest